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December 2014

  • What is the future of our dams?
  • What has CRWC done for you lately?
  • Progress on lagoon project

September 2014

  • Carmel Launches Drug Disposal Program
  • Breaking News About Drug Take-Backs!

June 2014

  • New Report Supports Lagoon Projects
  • Carmel River Watershed a Heritage Site?
  • Students View San Clemente Dam Progress

March 2014

  • Conservancy President Named to Advisory Committee
  • Watershed Management Pl
  • Good News for the South-Central Steelhead
  • Upcoming Earth Day Event

September 2013

  • Feasibility Report Released on the Carmel River Lagoon and Barrier Beach Issues
  • Conservancy Co-Hosting a Celebration of the Carmel River Watershed Oct. 13
  • CRWC Receives Award for Work on the San Clemente Dam Removal Project
  • River Conditions Worsen; Record Year for MPWMD Fish Rescues!

march 2013

  • Upcoming Meetings on the Carmel River Lagoon and Scenic Road Protection Projects
  • CRWC Is Your Advocate for the River
  • New Rules for Construction Stormwater Discharges
  • Pharmaceutical Disposal Project Moves Forward

December 2012

  • Carmel River Lagoon and Scenic Road Protection Projects Move Forward
  • Carmel River Watershed Tours Launched!
  • New Watershed Manual Now Available from RCDMC
  • Pharmaceutical Disposal Project Revived

September 2012

  • Progress on Carmel River Lagoon and Scenic Road Armoring Projects
  • New! Carmel River Watershed Tours
  • Coastal Conservancy Approves San Clemente Dam Project
  • Ordway Pharmacy Offers Pharmaceutical Recycling

March 2012

  • Progress on Solutions to Carmel River Lagoon and Barrier Beach Issues
  • San Clemente Dam Project Moves Forward
  • New Conservancy Web Site Highlights the Revival of the Carmel River Task Force
  • How You Can Manage Storm Water to Benefit the River
  • Volunteer Monitoring is Underway in Lagoon

December 2011

  • Update on Ecosystem protective Barrier Project in the Carmel Lagoon
  • San Clemente Dam Removal Project Update
  • Update from Carmel River Watershed Coordinator
  • New Website!
  • Is the Proposed Jack’s Peak Zipline Eco-Friendly

July 2011

  • MCWRA Agrees to Administer EPB Project Grant
  • New Drug Disposal Program Enters Final Stages
  • Shihadeh Steps Up As Watershed Coordinator

March 2011

  • Conservancy Receives Grant for Lagoon Barrier Study
  • Conservancy Supports New Drug Collection Program
  • San Clemente Dam Removal Project Enters Next Phase
  • CPUC Permit Buoys Desal Plant

October 2010

  • A solution to the Carmel Lagoon Breaching Problems?
  • Sanders earns a rest
  • San Clemente Dam Removal Project Back on Track
  • New CRWC Officers Elected
  • What’s the Plan
  • Pepping Joins CRWC Board