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December 2017

  • San Clemente Dam Removal Update: Much Has Changed
  • Carmel River Task Force Members Making Continued Progress in River
  • How Can We Prevent the Spread of Nearby Wildfires?
  • Conservancy Receives Foundation Grants
  • First Annual California Wildlife Day Celebration!
March:April 2017.png

March/April 2017

  • Fire Management for the Carmel River Watershed
  • California Wildlife Day!
  • An Extremely Wet Year for the Carmel River
  • Save the Date: Earth Day
November 2016.png

November 2016

  • Rise at Hastings with Mama Oak
  • In Memoriam: Clive Sanders
  • Pacific Grove Joins Drug Recycling Program!
July:August 2016.png

July/august 2016

  • A "Flood" of Benefits
  • Baskin Foundation Grant's Successful Year
  • Hopeful Happenings in the Carmel River
  • RISE to the Challenge with Cynthia Gonzalez

april 2016

  • Can Scenic Road Bluffs be Saved?
  • A Watershed Experience
  • Changes to the Carmel River Channel
December 2015.png

December 2015

  • The Future of the Los Padres Dam
  • Upcoming EIR to Address Issues in the Carmel Lagoon
  • Feature Creature: The California Red-Legged Frog

July/August 2015

  • Dam Removal Update
  • Conservancy Assumes Share Role of Carmel River Task Force
  • Conservancy Receives Baskin Grant
  • CRWC Educates Local Students about the River
  • In Memoriam: Lawson Little III

March/April 2015

  • Carmel River Rerouted into New Channel
  • Drug Disposal Program Launched!
  • Conservancy Launches CV Signage Program

September 2014

  • Carmel Launches Drug Disposal Program
  • Break New about Drug Take-Backs!

June 2014

  • New Report Supports Lagoon Projects
  • Carmel River Watershed a Heritage Site?
  • Students View San Clemente Dam Progress
March 2014.png

March 2014

  • Conservancy President Named to Advisory Committee
  • Watershed Management Plan to Receive Update
  • Good News for the South Central Steelhead
  • Upcoming Earth Day Event