Here are some of the accomplishments of the Conservancy over the years.


Conducted many public and student watershed tours to encourage better stewardship of our watershed.


  • Produced the Carmel River Watershed Assessment and Action Plan and Supplemental Watershed Action Plan, providing a comprehensive guide for restoring key watershed resources, including the threatened steelhead population. Updated this Assessment and Action Plan in 2014-15 with the Resource Conservation District of Monterey County.
  • Completed a major assessment of the health of the Carmel River watershed resources including creeks, streams, and wildlife habitat.
  • Led the initiative to establish the Spring Equinox as California Wildlife Day, which was passed unanimously as a concurrent resolution of the California State Legislative.
  • Co-hosted the inaugural celebration of California Wildlife Day on March 24, 2018 at Garland Ranch Regional Park.
  • Jointly sponsored (and now chair) the establishment of the Carmel River Task Force, a rare collaboration bringing resource agency managers and local restoration and conservation groups together to improve coordination of watershed resource management efforts.
  • Led the initiative to prevent the spread of future wildfires into the watershed, by maintaining fuel breaks and using prescribed burns.
  • Collaborated in the development and implementation of the Integrated Water Management Plan and supported grant proposals with water resource agencies for the Monterey Peninsula.
  • Conducted public meetings on emerging issues related to the Carmel River, Lagoon, and San Clemente Dam Removal; sponsored public tours of the former San Clemente Dam site.
  • Conducted dozens of watershed field trips with local school classes.
  • Played a leading role in advocating for state and federal funding of priority needs for the Carmel River Watershed and arranging grants to address those needs.
  • Worked jointly with the Carmel River Steelhead Association and other volunteers to restore critical habitat for steelhead and participated in fish rescues.
  • Actively contributed to the county-wide efforts to develop a reliable, sustainable, and affordable water supply.
  • Led an initiative to install pharmaceutical recycling drop boxes in Carmel, Pebble Beach, and Pacific Grove.
  • Led the process of securing a grant from the Wildlife Conservation Board to assess the feasibility of an Ecosystem Protective Barrier to solve the problems presented by the barrier beach at the Carmel River lagoon.