Find out about what is going on in the watershed

Reports on past, present, and planned projects in the Carmel River Watershed.

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active Projects in the carmel river watershed. January 2019. prepared for the carmel river watershed conservancy by Mikaela Bogdan,Gabriela Alberola, Sophia Kirschenman, and Damien Lazzari.



San Clemente Dam Removal and Carmel River Reroute Monitoring Plan: Carmel, CA.  ENVS 660, CSUMB Class. Blanco S, Bohlke B, Crawford C, David C, Delay T, Keefauver S, Miller G, Perkins P, Petruccelli R, Post K, Silveus J, Smith D. 2012. The Watershed Institute, California State Monterey Bay, Publication No. WI-2012-05, 93 pp.