Wildlife Crossings Featured in Wall Street Journal!


The June 21st edition of WSJ featured

new wildlife overpasses and how they can save the lives of both drivers and wildlife trying to cross major roads.  Cameras in 29 of these wildlife crossings indicated that almost 23,000 animals crossed during 2015, double the number from a year before. Roadkills along these highways decreased by 80 percent while roadkills increased in roadways without the crossings. Around 200 people and 29,000 animals annually are killed in wildlife-vehicle collisions, so these crossings show promise of significantly reducing such deaths.  A new crossing is being planned for Agoura Hills near Los Angeles primarily to allow rare resident mountain lions to pass through that area safely.




Conservancy and Park District Host Inaugural Tour of the Former San Clemente Dam Site


are hosting free public tours of the former San Clemente Dam site that has been in the news for several years. The first such tour took place on May 18th and will reoccur every two weeks through the summer. To sign up visit the Monterey Peninsula Regional Park District’s web site under Let’s Go Outdoors. The tours are for three hours on Thursday mornings. For more information contact Lorin Letendre at letendre@sbcglobal.net.

Former San Clemente Dam Site Restructured by High River Flows!

The high river flows

this rain year have moved many large boulders and large woody debris in such a way that the river channel has moved to the north side of the carefully constructed step pools and resting pools from the dam removal and reroute project. Much of the re-vegetated areas along the new river channel have also been destroyed, although much still remains. The State Coastal Conservancy and NOAA Fisheries consider this a positive step in the return of the river channel to a more natural condition, a long-term goal of the project.


Photo: Monterey Herald